Control what you want,
automate everything else

Streamline your current operations, and prepare for the future

Netfira integrates with any system, so you can remain agile as you automate

Implement and execute quickly and reliably

Realise benefits quickly

We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Our solution works with existing systems and can be set up in days.

Automate with control

Netfira isn’t a ‘black box’ – there is visibility of all documents and processes.

Configure for your needs

We understand that your operations can be complex, so our solutions are flexible and customisable to meet your needs.

Implement and execute quickly and reliably

Connect with any trading partner you want

Easily connect where you thought it wasn’t feasible, and reimagine the way you process your business documents.‚Äč

Our solution allows you to interact with the partners you want to – you can even set up your own custom business rules for each partner.