Control and
automate your
document flows

Netfira provides software that streamlines and automates the purchasing and invoicing functions of your business. Use Netfira to automate your manual operations and empower your employees.


Get started in days, not months

Connect with any trading partners

Quickly customise for your needs

Netfira is trusted by business leaders


Why Netfira?

Netfira provides automated solutions to manage your B2B document flows. There’s no need to worry about changing your processes, since Netfira can work with your existing systems. Automatically process your documents in fully customisable workflows and maintain visibility at every step of the way. Netfira is delivered on a secure cloud platform suitable for businesses of any scale, and you can easily connect with your ERP systems.

Easily integrate into your ERP

Netfira supports integrations with all ERP systems; we are also a certified SAP partner

Introduce automation at your own pace

Netfira can deliver targeted solutions, so you can add functionality over time

Customise to satisfy your business rules

Netfira can handle complex document processing, so you can focus on your business