Netfira Integrations

Our integrations work with your processes and systems

Implementation is fast and seamless, meaning you don’t need to learn more. In fact, you can know less.

Built from the ground up to be a team player

Netfira isn’t a tool or application that you need to be hands-on with. It’s designed to be a ‘silent partner’ inside your existing operations. Netfira streamlines tasks that are repetitive, time-consuming and costly, and it does this by integrating next to existing systems that you use to run your business.

To make this possible, Netfira forms partnerships with 3rd party platforms and integrates using API technology. This helps to ensure that your data is safe and you control all aspects of your business management systems. Essentially, Netfira is a suite of technology solutions that bridge the gaps and extend the functionality of industry-leading solutions.

Despite this ‘silent’ operation, every process has an audit-trail, meaning you can dive under-the-hood to see which documents have been sent and received via the online ‘Documents Portal’.

What is an API?

An API allows for two or more systems to integrate using an agreed method of communication. API stands for Application Program Interface, but in essence, it’s a technology which allows for systems to talk to each other. In Netfira’s case, an API allows Netfira and a third party to communicate and ‘outsource’ key repetitive tasks.

What is the Netfira learning curve?

The Netfira platform lives behind the scenes, known as ‘middleware’. This type of integration means that it’s not a tool that you use, but one that operates in the background. The key value proposition of Netfira is to perform the tasks that take time due to manual processes, which don’t generate revenue for your business. Think data entry, attaching documents, filing PDFs, entering invoice POs, and so on.

What systems and software Netfira implement with?

Netfira currently implements with a number of major platforms, from Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, SAP, and more (see below). Integrations are made using API technology and partnerships with software and platform providers.

Does Netfira implement with any other software?

The Netfira suite will continue to evolve over time and integrate with a growing range of third-party platforms which have accessible APIs.

What is the Netfira 'Documents Portal'?

The Documents Portal is a web-based system that tracks and stores all electronic document transfers that Netira integrates with. This allows approved personal (such as a Procurement Manager or CFO – for example) to see which documents have been sent and received. This allows for audit processes and verification of communications.

Netfira works seamlessly with:

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