ABC Electrical – Sydney. MMEM buyer – Victor

Netfira Connect “ is saving me four to five hours in administration time per week. ”

DEF Electrics – Perth. MMEM buyer – Carolyn

“ We have been using your service (Netfira Connect) for almost a year now and it has greatly reduced my MYOB purchases data input time.
I have found the invoices that have been directly recorded into my MYOB account are more accurate, more detailed
and it saves me a lot of time, reducing the boring job of data input. ”

MNO Electrical Service – Tasmania. MMEM buyer – Kristina

Netfira Connect “ has saved an enormous amount of time in administration, hard to say exactly but it is huge! ”



Mr Wolfgang Haerle – Purchasing Manager ASSA ABLOY, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

“ I was told that connecting our suppliers would be similar to downloading an app to a smartphone.
From what I had heard, read and experienced to date I could not possibly believe that. But I must say that is exactly how it is!
Netfira Buyer is a really great tool. We are highly satisfied. ”

Mr Klaus Kaiser – KLAFS Chief Procurement Officer and Member of the KLAFS Management Board

“ Netfira Buyer has enabled us to automate everything from purchase order transmission and acknowledgement,
order confirmations and checking, through to insertion of orders and invoices into our SAP back office system. ”

Christian Pretterhofer – Sourcing and Procurement Director Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

“ Automation of operational procurement processes frees up time for strategic tasks. It’s a win/win situation if suppliers can
continue to work in their familiar IT environment after a fast uncomplicated connection. Netfira Buyer has made all of this possible. ”

Sandra Eckhardt, Ferdinand Gross GmbH – ASSA ABLOY supplier

“ We were amazed at how quickly and easily the implementation went –
within just a few minutes our systems were connected with ASSA ABLOY! ”

Andrew Liu, Gem Gianni Industries, Tiawan – ASSA ABLOY supplier

“ Netfira connectivity is ideal for us because it does not require any technical knowledge and creates immediate value. ”



Mr Rex Horder – National Spare Parts Manager Electrolux Australia

“ Netfira’s products are highly innovative and have the potential to significantly reduce transaction processing costs
while delivering increased functionality to our distributors. ”

Mr Paul See – National Customer Support Manager – Rheem Australia

“ The installation of Netfira has definitely improved our customers’ experience and encouraged change in their buying behavior.
Our customers see immediate benefit in using a product that makes buying faster, more accurate and reduces their overheads.
Here at Rheem we have seen substantial productivity benefits and are seeing significant reductions in order processing times and returns. ”

Mr Kris Karanasos – Parramatta Hot Water – Rheem customer

“ I really like Netfira. It has substantially reduced the time and effort to place an order with Rheem.
Being able to view accurate stock level information from Rheem allows us to better service our own customers. ”