Netfira Connect


Deliver and integrate invoices directly to your customer’s existing accounting system, and also provide “one click” customer statement reconciliation.

Netfira Connect provides an Enterprise Seller customer loyalty, as you provide customers with simple, automated, customer document integration and reconciliation.

An improved cash flow payment cycle, as customer statement reconciliation is now automated.

Netfira Connect enables your customers:

  • Direct invoice entry to their existing accounting systems
  • A ‘one click’ statement reconciliation process
  • Elimination of manual accounting system entry

What our customers say

Victor, Sydney
ABC Electrical
MMEM buyer

Netfira Connect “is saving me four to five hours in administration time per week”

Carolyn, Perth
DEF Electrics
MMEM buyer

We have been using your service (Netfira Connect) for almost a year now and it has greatly reduced my MYOB purchases data input time. I have found the invoices that have been directly recorded into my MYOB account are more accurate, more detailed and it saves me a lot of time, reducing the boring job of data input.

Kristina, Tasmania
MNO Electrical Service
MMEM buyer

Netfira Connect “has saved an enormous amount of time in administration, hard to say exactly but it is huge!”

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