Netifra Modules

Netfira Enterprise Buyer is a platform that comprises of specific modules

The value of Netfira isn’t from one package or feature, but the full suite of modules working together to make the platform and end-to-end game-changer. How much your business uses is up to you.

Netfira Buyer

The ideal module for suppliers who only occasionally receive orders. Here, suppliers can view their orders, create order confirmations, upload and download documents and enter invoices.

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Netfira Connect

Provides an Enterprise Seller customer loyalty, as you provide customers with simple, automated, customer document integration and reconciliation.

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Netfira Seller

provides an Enterprise Seller customer loyalty, as you provide customers with simple, automated, customer document integration and reconciliation.

Netfira RealTime Connect

The ideal module for business partners who want to be connected at their own system level (ERP to ERP) in order to carry out transactions in real time.


Netfira MailConnect

Developed for business partners who prefer to send their orders, confirmations and other documents by e-mail. This connection variant requires no installation and still checks the documents electronically – which makes MailConnect particularly uncomplicated and expedient.

Netfira self-onboarding tool

The missing piece of the puzzle to include your suppliers in the supply chain. With this tool, purchasing has the opportunity to automatically connect suppliers themselves – in three simple steps within minutes and without the internal IT department.


Wolfgang Haerle, EU
Purchasing Manager

I was told that connecting our suppliers would be similar to downloading an app to a smartphone. From what I had heard, read and experienced to date I could not possibly believe that. But I must say that is exactly how it is! Netfira Buyer is a really great tool. We are highly satisfied.

Klaus Kaiser, Germany
Chief Procurement Officer

Netfira Buyer has enabled us to automate everything from purchase order transmission and acknowledgement, order confirmations and checking, through to insertion of orders and invoices into our SAP back office system.

Christian Pretterhofer
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Sourcing and Procurement Director

Automation of operational procurement processes frees up time for strategic tasks. It’s a win/win situation if suppliers can continue to work in their familiar IT environment after a fast uncomplicated connection. Netfira Buyer has made all of this possible.

Kris Karanasos
Parramatta Hot Water
Rheem customer

I really like Netfira. It has substantially reduced the time and effort to place an order with Rheem. Being able to view accurate stock level information from Rheem allows us to better service our own customers.