Australian technology company Netfira, together with German client Rosendahl Nextrom, has won a major European business connectivity software award.

The Austrian Supply Excellence and Purchasing Award was awarded to the companies at this year’s Austrian Purchasing Forum convened in Vienna for the category of “Effective Automation and Digitisation of Operational Efficiencies”.

The award recognises the Netfira’s industry-leading software solution for procurement markets, and comes at a time when the company has made substantial inroads into Europe.

In the past 12 months Netfira has digitally connected over 20 German Mittelstand and other European mid-sized companies with their supplier bases. The company’s enterprise customers include groups such as the world’s largest lock maker Assa Abloy, Staedtler, and Winterhalter, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial dish and glass washers.

An industry leading solution

Netfira facilitates real-time electronic transactions between trading partners, eliminating manual data entry, and integrates with back-office systems to provide powerful and current information about inventory levels and pricing within their supply chain.

Their SAP Certified technology provides a platform for an online business-to- business supplier solution that streamlines the buying and selling process, and is disrupting traditional vendors including some of the world’s largest software and consulting groups.

“Netfira’s purchasing solution is designed in a modular way, is easy to install and easy to customise. Netfira’s unique Supplier App, based on Artificial Intelligence, is able to electronically connect a Purchaser to a Supplier within minutes! Critically, implementation of Netfira’s Supplier App requires no change to the supplier’s existing internal systems,” said Mr Reinald Schneller, Managing Director at Netfira.

Strong customer validation

As an example of the type of industrial and manufacturing groups now supported by Netfira technology, Rosendahl Nextrom is a leading supplier of production equipment for the global battery cable and glass fibre industry. The group chose Netfira’s procurement software after an extensive search.

As part of the implementation, around 150 of Rosendahl Nextrom’s largest suppliers have been connected, and the remainder of the firm’s 1200 suppliers will be digitally integrated over the next few months.

According to Mr Christian Pretterhofer, Director of Sourcing and Procurement at Rosendahl Nextrom, “Only when all suppliers are electronically connected can we completely automate our purchasing processes”.

Rosendahl Nextrom has already generated substantial cost and operational efficiencies, reduced errors and electronically connected a large number of their suppliers over the past several months. Purchasing at Rosendahl Nextrom is is now able to cope with a much higher number of supplier transactions in a much shorter time frame than was previously possible.

Automation of all operational processes including enquiries, quotes, order confirmations, advanced shipping notices and invoices are digitally enabled, while the Netfira solution also offers a fast and uncomplicated electronic connection to all suppliers. The reliability of transactions has been increased. Check and input errors have been completely eliminated, which has greatly reduced problems in downstream processes.



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About Netfira:

Netfira offers innovative software solutions that digitise purchasing and sales processes. Any procurement related document can be electronically transmitted between any system and exchanged, compared, checked and forwarded to connected systems. Netfira’s unique AI based supplier apps enable fast and easy connection of suppliers of any size. The company is referenced by 30 major global enterprises and has connected 3,000 enterprise suppliers and buyers in Germany, Australia and the USA.

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