Cornelius, the world’s leading supplier of beverage and cooling equipment, is moving to reduce its reliance on EDI systems, replacing them with Netfira in its German operations.  
The landmark decision by Cornelius (a member of the Berkshire Hathaway group) underscores a growing realisation that EDI is outdated and Netfira’s innovative software provides much better functionality at a much lower cost.    
To date large international enterprises such as Klafs and Assa Abloy and in Australia Rheem, have implemented Netfira to enable electronic management of their supply chains.  
Cornelius however sees Netfira as a solution to all its straight through processing and electronic communication needs.  
With around 8,000 active material numbers and 24,000 order items per year, suppliers have to contend with a taxing workload.  
“We no longer wish to put up with the high administrative costs that traditional data exchange systems such as EDI incur” according to Jens Heinrich, Cornelius’ purchasing manager for the group in Europe Middle East and Asia.  
EDI typically only allows electronic connectivity with a small proportion of an enterprises’ customer base.  
“Netfira offers electronic “on boarding” through portals, EDI and Apps making it attractive to almost all suppliers.”  
“Netfira allows customers to continue to operate within their own IT environment. There is no need to convert to another costly system. In the end it’s a win-win outcome for everyone.”  
“An added bonus is all original documents can be transmitted and archived” he added.  
In addition to the quick and uncomplicated onboarding of clients and suppliers based on “App” technology, Netfira enables real time and dialog connectivity.  
“The Netfira system will give all operative and strategic purchasers as well as Cornelius affiliates, worldwide constant access to the most current information.”
  “We have determined this has significantly improved the timeliness and the granularity of supply chain information for both suppliers and internally.”
Netfira takes an hour to install. Cornelius has over 450 suppliers and almost 100 have already been on boarded.    
Contact:  Netfira Managing Director, George Ruul
M: + (61) 417 220465 
About Netfira: Netfira ( is a cloud based software company with offices in Sydney and Perth in Australia and Walldorf and Munich in Germany. The Netfira business to business (B2B) suite is a breakthrough supply chain solution that streamlines the buying and selling process. Purchase orders, order confirmations delivery schedules, invoices and other documents can be exchanged via the Netfira link automatically between the manufacturer’s systems and those of its suppliers and customers in real time.