Australian Software house makes European breakthrough

Netfira is pleased to announce its first major customer in Germany.

After conducting an extensive search, KLAFS, the world’s market leader in sauna, wellness and spa, has installed Netfira to solve its procurement needs.

“We are very excited to have broken through in the European market,” said Managing Director of Netfira Mr George Ruul.

“Germany is home to many world class companies like KLAFS, who find the Netfira procurement solution offers them several unique features not available from our competitors, and all at a very reasonable price.”

Procurement at KLAFS used to be a manual process using the phone fax and email. Netfira now makes this process completely electronic.

“Full automation in e-procurement only works if all suppliers are electronically connected” according to Mr Klaus Kaiser, Chief Procurement Officer and Member of KLAFS Management board.

“The Netfira solution has enabled us to automate everything from purchase order transmission and acknowledgement, order confirmation and checking, through to insertion of orders and invoices in to our SAP back office system.”

Another key advantage of Netfira is its ease of deployment.

“The implementation of Netfira took a couple of days and provided immediate value. No user training was required because it links easily into SAP.” Mr Kaiser added.

What is unique to Netfira is the ease of use not just for the buyer but for the suppliers, no matter what size they are.

“Our suppliers are all very satisfied. The Netfira connector doesn’t require any technical skills on their part, supports their existing systems, reduces their workflows and is installed in less than an hour,”Mr Kaiser said.


Netfira is an Australian software company at the leading edge of supply chain and eProcurement innovation.

Netfira’s software allows the electronic integration of all types of procurement documents into an enterprise’s accounting system. The software is applicable to both large and small suppliers and purchasers. It is the electronic ‘linking’ of small enterprises without extensive IT systems to much larger enterprises that makes Netfira’s software unique. Netfira has customers in Australia, Germany and the United States.


Since its foundation more than 80 years ago by Erich Klafs, the KLAFS Group has become the world’s market leader in sauna, wellness and spa. KLAFS is headquartered in Schwaebisch Hall near Stuttgart, Germany. KLAFS offers a complete service to the spa world. KLAFS complies with the highest quality standards and is the only company in the industry that runs its own research and production facilities. These facilities allow the development and installation of innovative, individually designed spa facilities.



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