Netfira Local Search brings online business directories to the forefront for product and local searches

The Netfira Local Search downloadable app delivers fresh Real Time inventory display, pricing and location results to iYP and directory listing businesses, along with mobile ready marketplaces


New Australian technology brings online business directories to the forefront for product and local searches


Sydney Australia, 25th March 2013


Netfira today announced the immediate availability of Netfira Local Search, a suite of products aimed towards iYP (Internet Yellow Pages) and business directory listing companies. Netfira allows directories to offer their advertisers online shopping within business listings. Netfira delivers location based, real-time product searches and marketplaces for site visitors as well as generating an ongoing stream of fresh and relevant product related data that’s generally invisible to Google.

The Netfira secure, downloadable app for SMEs connects to the seller s existing accounting system and enables the seller’s products to be viewed and purchased by directory customers in Real Time.


Bringing business directories to the forefront for search results

Netfira Local Search reinvigorates the relevance of iYP and business directory sites by publishing massive amounts of up-to-the-minute, accurate information about their advertiser’s items that are actually available for sale. This can be used for individual advertiser storefronts within business listings, product comparison shopping or real-time mobile product location services.



Seeing the data Google can’t get to.


“Yellow Pages sites and other business listings do a great job of letting me find my nearest plumber, restaurant or where I can book a holiday. But if I want to buy a pair of new Nike shoes, I still need to ring the store to see if they have them in stock. Netfira Local Search changes that.” said Earl White, Netfira’s Sales Manager Asia Pac.

 “It’s a simple fact that Google basically stops at the retailer’s front door. It can certainly help you find what’s on a website or online store, but it hasn’t generally got a clue about what’s actually in-stock and what today’s prices are. With Netfira Local Search, site visitors see actual products, price and availability”

More importantly from an Internet Yellow Pages or business directory point of view, the information shown via Netfira Local Search is unlikely to have been indexed by Google previously.


Major SME accounting system support.

Netfira Local Search starts by connecting the existing accounting or ERP systems of a business and then automatically publishes the product data to the Netfira OmniShop cloud services. Incorporating this service into listing pages enhances a complete view of selected stock items offering real-time prices and availability. Supported systems include those most widely used by the majority of SME merchants including MYOB, Quickbooks, Sage and others.

Mobile shopping experience

Netfira Local Search offers a toolkit, to assist in the rapid development of mobile apps, which enables a directory site visitor to view the actual availability and location of products in Real Time.  This is unique in the marketplace.

“We feel that Netfira opens up an entirely new strategy for individual retailer to obtain additional exposure and online and physical sales via their Yellow Pages or other paid directory listing.” said George Ruul, Netfira founder and CEO. “While there’s been dramatic growth in online sales, the vast majority of retail purchases are made over the counter and will be for some time. Business directories can now offer their advertisers a clearly defined advantage by enabling people to not only quickly find a desired product in Real Time but to also discover the physical location of the seller so that purchasers can choose to either make an online or over the counter purchase.”


Extending Netfira Local Search to other sectors

Further versions of Netfira Local Search are expected in the second half of 2013. These will further enhance the search capabilities of sites by adding drag and drop of lists of products, services, menus and more into the Netfira app for automatic publication on the directory site.

Netfira is currently in negotiations with leading iYP and business directory companies both in most English speaking markets. Details of rollouts along with other language versions are expected shortly.


About Netfira:

Founded in 2006, Netfira is a breakthrough business-to-business supply chain solution that streamlines the buying and selling process.

Netfira Shop is part of the Netfira suite of products that provides the total solution for connecting accounting/ERP packages to all web platforms and e-commerce systems.

Netfira has offices in Sydney, Perth, San Francisco and Munich.

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