The Cost of Manual Order Processing

Have you considered the cost of manual order processing within your organization?

The typical enterprise suffers from the burden of 20% or more of their dealers or suppliers lacking the automation needed to trade electronically. This is especially troublesome, because these trading partners create an unnecessary and disproportionate expense load, due to manual processing costs, fax, phone and email orders, and costly input errors, that many organizations just accept as a fact of life.

According to the Aberdeen report “A Comparison of Supplier Enablement Around the World” (2008), only 34% of purchase orders are transmitted electronically in North America. In EMEA, 36% of orders are transmitted electronically and in APAC, 41% of orders are transmitted electronically. They also report that the average paper requisition to order costs a company $37.45 in North America, $42.90 in EMEA and $23.90 in APAC.

With an electronically processed requisition to order, costs can be reduced dramatically, and errors eliminated—but until now, it has been difficult, complicated, and expensive to integrate small and mid-sized dealers and suppliers with an enterprise-class ERP system. Until Netfira.

Netfira changes the way enterprises do business with low (or no) automation trading partners—by connecting to those buyers and sellers in REAL-TIME, streamlining sales and procurement processes, and providing full visibility across the entire supply chain. The Netfira Solution makes it possible to view inventory levels in REAL-TIME, and transact electronically with all partners, while keeping enterprise ERP and Accounting systems updated, from end to end. Cost savings can be as much as 80%, and data entry errors are eliminated.

If you’d like to discuss challenges specific to your trading network, or if you’d like further information about the Netfira solution, please don’t hesitate to contact, anytime.

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