Is Your Supply Chain Leaking Money?

Industry luminaries are predicting the continued rise in supply chain automation solutions as a key focus area for business leaders within enterprise organizations, in order to gain competitive advantage.

According to Gartner—“Market requirements for e-procurement have evolved over the past two years, as the solution has progressed into a mainstream application. Notable changes include higher expectations for usability, workflow configurability, e-catalog search, and invoice matching functionality.” (E-Procurement Market and Vendor Landscape, September 2011)

Simply put: businesses of all sizes suffer profitability constraints when suppliers introduce inefficient processes into the buying and selling workflow. Beyond the purchasing modules of financial suites and ERP, e-procurement applications streamline the buying and selling process, by providing a web-based user interface, coupled with enhanced functionality. Where manual order processing was once considered a necessary cost of doing business with key suppliers who lack automation, today, smart businesses know that accepting this outdated workflow is both inefficient and error prone—and that it costs more to do business in this way than it needs to.

Enter Netfira’s simple and elegant e-procurement solution: Netfira Enterprise Buyer solves the pain in the “last mile” of the enterprise supply chain by providing a web-based solution that connects ALL suppliers to internal buyers, securely and efficiently, in REAL-TIME. With a simple email invitation, suppliers can click and accept an invitation to access the web-based Netfira Enterprise Buyer interface on any smart device equipped with a web browser. Next, procurement professionals can view inventory levels and pricing in REAL-TIME, and engage in commerce with vendors of all sizes—while your organization enjoys 100% elimination of manual processing, faxes and phone ordering, and increased profitability.