Benefits of REAL-TIME Inventory Management Software

Lowering costs, improving cash flow, minimizing excess or out-of-date stock, and improving on customer service is every company’s dream. What if you could do all this with one system?

Inventory management software enables all aspects of your inventory to become much easier to manage, allowing you to increase distributor dealer and supplier efficiency and reduce errors, time and save money.

When looking for an inventory management system, there are a number of areas of functionality to consider. An effective system should aid in-demand forecasting – ensuring you have appropriate stock available when needed. The software system you choose should also include billing, which enables you to specify purchasing methods and customize billing for each customer. An increased level of customer service in turn increases your value to your customer.

Inventory updates in REAL-TIME are another important feature. If you cannot trust the information on screen to be accurate then the software is ineffective. REAL-TIME updates mean that employees don’t have to rush to the warehouse to check on inventory – instead they can tell a client immediately if their product is in or out of stock.

Whether you are based out of one location or multiple, the inventory system should provide easy tracking company-wide. If your company has multiple locations, you can ensure the right level of stock is at the right location and make transfers from one to the other as needed.

Inventory management needs to be hassle free. With the correct software, you can increase your customer service, reduce carrying costs, minimize obsolete inventory and greatly improve cash flow, improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Netfira’s solution enables enterprises to buy and sell with their dealers, distributors and suppliers very easily and securely with lower cost. Our solution addresses multiple verticals including retail, oil and gas, white goods, manufacturing, distribution and heavy equipment. As new suppliers are added globally and new dealers and distributors come online, it has been a challenge for enterprises to reliably get a REAL-TIME view of inventory and pricing in the supply chain. It has been difficult to trade cost effectively with suppliers and dealers. A trusted solution that can scale and provide a secure REAL-TIME connection is a key factor for success.