Meet Karin Becker

We are pleased to introduce you to Karin Becker, VP of Sales.

1. What is your title?

My title is Vice President of Sales, US.

2. What do you do for Netfira?

I’m responsible for driving sales within the US, which means that I aid enterprise organizations in discovering the powerful benefits of Netfira solutions, streamlining their commerce processes, automating their supply chain, and realizing increased business value.

3. When did you start working for Netfira?

I joined Netfira on May 31, 2012.

4. Where did you work before joining Netfira?

Most recently, I worked at Google for the past five-and-a-half years, and earlier in my career, I worked with United Business Media for eleven years. In between, I’ve worked within several media, software, and internet companies (including my own— a digital marketing consultancy called Strategic Lead Generation which served tech companies and Bay Area start-ups). I’ve also recently worked with a non-profit called Media Cause, which helps other non-profits benefit from the use of search advertising, search engine optimization, and social media, to elevate awareness of great causes.

5. What attracted you to Netfira?

I was looking for a software company that offered a great technology that could transform businesses, stellar people to work with, and real business value. Netfira is that company.

6. What do you think is Netfira’s biggest asset as a product?

Netfira’s technology solution enables businesses to streamline buying and selling processes (ie: commerce and supply chain functions)—and to be more profitable. That’s really powerful.

7. What do you think is Netfira’s biggest asset as a company?

I think our biggest asset as a company is that we have a team of really smart people around the globe who are both inspired and dedicated, and who believe that Netfira can transform businesses—and change the world. Coupled with that, we have superb technology solutions to make it happen.

8. What are your hobbies?

I most enjoy spending time with friends and family (golfing, skiing, or just walking the dog), and I love to read great fiction–I am currently reading Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series. My newer hobbies include gardening and yoga—I planted an “earthbox” with veggies that was growing so well, I just planted another, exclusively for salad!

9. Can you share something personal about yourself?

I’m the mom of four active daughters (two of them teenagers, so wish me luck!) and my husband and I love to spend time experiencing all that they are involved in, as well as getting away from it all, during family vacations. This summer, we hope to find time to visit the Grand Canyon.

10. Please explain Netfira and why large enterprises as well as SMBs should consider using Netfira products.

Netfira is a break-through B2B e-commerce solution that solves supply chain challenges for large enterprises, SMBs, and mid-market companies alike. Every size company can benefit from improved profitability, and Netfira’s cloud-based solutions increase profitability by automating Buying and Selling processes, reducing overhead expense and costly input errors, and delivering increased business value.

11. What are the 3 best features of Netfira?

Netfira enables secure, REAL-TIME commerce between trading partners of all sizes, through the cloud. Netfira’s simple and elegant solution eliminates manual processes and the costly input errors that go with them, to improve profitability for everyone involved.

Here’s how: Netfira makes it really easy for large enterprises to buy from, or sell to, small- and medium-sized partners who don’t want complex and expensive on-premise solutions, but who do want to eliminate the manual processes that plague their businesses.

Netfira automates order processing, so that when large enterprises have small- and medium-sized suppliers, both the enterprise and the supplier can benefit from REAL-TIME inventory look-up, comprehensive purchasing functionality, and seamless integration with enterprise-level back-office systems.

Netfira also enables simple and elegant B2B e-commerce when large enterprises have small- and medium-sized dealers selling their products by automating the order process, providing Web-based access to inventory levels and pricing, and eliminating those manual processes that can drain a business of productivity and profits.

12. What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is spreading the word quickly enough, to all of the enterprise players and their small- and mid-sized trading partners, who can benefit *immediately* from Netfira’s simple yet powerful solution!

13. Can you describe your ideal customer?

Netfira’s ideal customer is one to whom we can deliver the most value (and therefore solve the biggest problem). I would describe that customer as a large enterprise who is struggling with the inefficiencies of a very large network of trading partners that includes small- or mid-sized companies, who lack order processing automation. When dealers are not automated, enterprise suppliers suffer reduced profitability. When suppliers are not automated, enterprise procurement functions are less efficient, and more expensive. Netfira solves both of these pain points, simply and elegantly.

14. What is Netfira’s unique selling proposition that would be challenging for other companies to duplicate?

Netfira is a breakthrough B2B e-commerce solution that automates buying and selling processes for small and medium-sized trading partners, within large enterprise dealer and supplier networks. It fully integrates with enterprise-level back-office inventory and accounting systems, is quick and easy to install, and is cloud-based (reducing IT costs to host, support and maintain).