Top 10 features in your ERP system

Here are the top ten features to consider when deciding on your next generation ERP system. These features provide the most progressive, cutting-edge functionality:

  1. ERP vendor commitment – use a vendor who has a well-organized road map, who is committed to future enhancements and who offers good support.
  2. Choice of delivery models – use a vendor who has a variety of delivery options including enterprise on premise, cloud, SaaS, or a hybrid of all three.
  3. Collaboration – use an ERP vendor who has data available to share across departments. This helps productivity and helps businesses save a lot of time and money.
  4. Flexible platform – use a vendor that is adaptable and easy to customize and integrate with.
  5. Role-based functionality – this feature helps employees get their jobs done quickly and easily.
  6. Push-based information – this feature enables information and alerts to be automatically sent to users.
  7. Anytime access – this feature allows convenient, always-on access to information in your system.
  8. Improved business intelligence – this feature allows users to easily generate reports with vast amounts of data.
  9. Works with current IT systems – this feature allows for backward compatibility with previous or existing systems.
  10. Corporate-wide visibility – this feature allows data to be visible worldwide even to the most remote locations.

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