B2B Supplier Enablement

IT Supply Chain Management with Real-Time Inventory Software Solutions

Supplier Enablement is the process of electronically connecting suppliers (or other trading partners) to a company’s supply chain. Supplier enablement is achieved when an enterprise buyer is electronically connected to the suppliers of goods and services. This connection allows a company’s back-office systems to exchange stock level information and pricing as well as critical business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and other information.

The benefits of supplier enablement include reduced supply chain costs, improved invoice tracking, reduced procurement costs, reducing or eliminating non-value added (manual) processes, and improved communications.

Many conferences are held globally in order to discuss cost saving measures and efficiency in the enterprise e-commerce world.

Larger enterprises tend not to have many problems transacting with other enterprises when it comes to electronic data integration and automation. Larger enterprises almost universally have an existing IT electronic data integration system (EDI) in place in order to create real-time e-commerce links with other enterprises, although it is interesting to note that in many circumstances large enterprises still have difficulties connecting and transacting electronically in real time with other enterprises. A surprising fact resulting from studies is that many enterprises are electronically connected to very few of their suppliers. Also, smaller to medium sized businesses (SMBs and SMEs) tend not to be electronically connected to enterprise buyers. These smaller suppliers tend not to have the complicated and costly IT electronic automation systems that their larger suppliers have, forcing the enterprises to rely on more costly, less efficient, and less reliable and accurate manual data entry processes including phone, fax, email and call centers.

There has been much discussion recently regarding the need of a solution to streamline the supply chain solution by enabling real-time electronic transactions, eliminating manual processes and automating business-to-business orders with smaller to medium sized clients. This would have the potential to change the e-commerce world as we currently understand it, and streamline supplier ecosystems between businesses of all sizes.

Netfira’s IT supply chain inventory management software offers a complete supplier enablement solution in REAL-TIME. Netfira streamlines the buying and selling process through REAL-TIME electronic communications and order automation, integrating seamlessly with existing back-office accounting systems and EDIs. This IT supply chain management inventory software solution in REAL-TIME gives companies the power to reduce supply chain costs, eliminate manual data entry and increase their ROI profits.

Netfira’s inventory software solution enables large buyers and sellers to electronically and instantaneously connect and trade with their smaller to medium sized SMB and SME customers in REAL-TIME, representing a substantial cost reduction due to lowered call center costs and additional operational efficiencies, and solving the manual data entry problem.

The IT supply chain inventory management software solution provided by Netfira has REAL-TIME inventory visibility, multiple convenient pricing options, and automatically creates sales and purchase orders, while integrating seamlessly with the existing back-end accounting system ERP or EDI, resulting in a streamlined buying and selling process. This electronic, automated business to business (B2B) connection is much faster, simpler, cost effective and efficient than traditional communication channels involving enterprises and smaller to medium sized business suppliers.

One of the unique features of Netfira’s supply chain management software is that it integrates seamlessly with existing ERP and EDI systems such as SAP. Netfira is SAP certified. With Netfira, enterprises continue to run their existing EDI electronic data integration systems without interruption, while at the same time expanding their business to trade electronically with their SMB suppliers and customers. This REAL-TIME e-commerce convenience and versatility along with an ease of installation and use for both the buyer and seller, makes Netfira’s supply chain inventory management software a complete supplier enablement solution, ideal for automating dealer networks and streamlining the B2B buying and selling system between enterprises and businesses of all sizes.

Netfira is MYOB and SAP certified, and works in conjunction with many major purchasing systems such as SAP, Ariba, and Oracle.