ERP solution: Automate and streamline buying and selling between large enterprises and SMBs

Business-to-business interactions are probably the most important aspect of the modern e-commerce environment. A great majority of the total supply chain and economy is actually made up of business-to-business transactions; business-to-consumer trade represents a much smaller portion of the total market. Yet, business-to-consumer trade represents a disproportionately large amount of advertising, research, and development. As a result, business-to-consumer e-commerce trade has many IT applications and products to facilitate the electronic transaction processes with real-time support, however SMB and enterprise-to-SMB business-to-business commerce models are still using outdated and error-prone manual processes. The real-time speed and exponential growth that the internet implies is only relevant and can be leveraged if there is a suitably streamlined and automated IT buyer and seller ecosystem.

It is interesting to note that while enterprises generally may have EDI electronic data integration systems in place to communicate with other enterprises in real-time, until recently there had not been an affordable real-time IT software solution to automate communications electronically between enterprises and their smaller to medium sized businesses, and in some cases business-to-business transactions between enterprises. Netfira IT supply chain inventory management software solutions allow enterprises to trade electronically with businesses of all sizes, including their smaller SMB and SME businesses, like never before, automating intricate inventory supply chain systems, eliminating the need for manual processes, and integrating seamlessly with the existing backend accounting system ERP or EDI.

Netfira is a breakthrough business-to-business IT supply chain inventory management solution that streamlines the buying and selling process between businesses of all sizes. Netfira facilitates real time, electronic transactions between trading partners, eliminates manual data entry and integrates with sellers’ back-office accounting (ERP) systems to provide buyers with powerful, real-time information about inventory levels and pricing within their supply chain.”

Netfira’s IT supply chain inventory management software solutions enable seamless real-time e-commerce trade between large enterprises and smaller to medium sized businesses of all sizes (SMBs and SMEs).

The resulting electronic and instantaneous communications and transactions facilitated between enterprises and their SMB and SME clients through Netfira’s supply chain software solutions, facilitates quicker and more efficient trade. By enabling REAL-TIME visibility of inventory and pricing, automatically creating purchase orders, and integrating the e-commerce front-end or e-commerce-enabled website to the existing back-office accounting system (ERP), Netfira’s supply chain inventory management software integrates various supply chain management systems into one synchronized electronic data integration program, thereby streamlining the buying and selling process.

The larger volume effected by real-time electronic communication between buyers and sellers, combined with the facility to automate system processes, while eliminating the problems associated with outdated and error-prone manual processes, results in dramatically lowered costs and raised revenues.

Netfira’s supply chain inventory management solutions automate business-to-business e-commerce transactions between enterprises and SMBs and SMEs of all sizes, integrating seamlessly with the existing ERP or EDI accounting system, resulting in a streamlined, electronic buying and selling process. Netfira is SAP certified.

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