Automate B2B IT Supply Chain Inventory Systems

Connect buyers and sellers of all sizes electronically and in real time with Netfira’s Enterprise Resource Management software solution.

Larger enterprise companies tend to face difficulties surrounding IT electronic business to business (B2B) communications with smaller and medium sized businesses (SMBs and SMEs), and in some cases with other enterprises. Communications and supply chain inventory solutions which are not electronically integrated tend to be slow, costly and error prone, and are simply too inefficient for the modern, lightning-fast era. Businesses, to compete in this thriving internet-enabled world, need to streamline the buying and selling process electronically, and use the efficiencies of the internet for their communications. In global supply chain inventory management, to be truly efficient, a supply chain inventory software solution must connect buyers and sellers of all sizes in real time.

Most transactions are business to business, however most trade publications and professional institutions focus almost entirely on business to consumer trade. This is not because business to business transactions are less important, but because creating a good IT business to business inventory supply chain software system is far more complicated. The distribution of subcomponents, raw materials and products within a business to business supply chain means that a very elegant, integrated system must be utilized in order to handle the intricacies and volume of the market, streamlining the supplier ecosystem, and automating buyer and seller networks.

Reinald Schneller – Senior Vice President, Netfira US and EMEA Operations, explains how e-commerce can be taken to a new level with the Netfira Solution:

“E-commerce, in our view, can be taken to a totally new level. Secure, fast, real time, and it provides value for both a buyer and a seller. What (traditional) solutions do not provide is the integration with the buyers or the sellers back office systems. And that’s where Netfira comes in. We don’t just provide a shopping cart solution. We provide the integration of that solution with the buyers and the sellers back office systems. So when an order is placed, the seller’s accounting system, the seller’s inventory management system, whatever backoffice system the seller has in place is automatically triggered and updated. On the buyer’s side, the same thing happens. The buyer places the order through Netfira, but then automatically Netfira updates the buyers accounting system, the buyers inventory management system, the buyers back office systems in general. And that’s what the traditional hosted shopping cart solutions do not provide. That real time updating of the data in both the seller’s and the buyer’s back office system is something traditional e-commerce cannot provide. That’s where Netfira comes in.’”

Netfira is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system that easily connects buyers and sellers of all sizes in real time, allowing companies to compete effectively in the instantaneous world of e-commerce, by streamlining the buyer and seller links. Netfira enables a completely automated business to business IT global supply chain inventory management software solution for businesses of all sizes to connect electronically, in real time.

With the accelerated rate of business to business e-commerce, elimination of manual processes, real time inventory visibility, automatic generation of sales and purchase orders, all seamlessly integrated into the existing back end ERP accounting system or EDI, the Netfira IT supply chain inventory management software solution means streamlined buying and selling, and greater revenues and overall profits. Netfira is SAP certified.

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