SAP and Netfira – Real Time electronic SME Supply Chain enablement

Netfira enables SMEs within a supply chain to connect electronically and in Real Time to enterprises running SAP in a simple, cost effective manner. Netfira is the ‘last mile’ in the supply chain solution.

Over 80 per cent of businesses worldwide are SMEs, and real world experience has shown that to date, the vast majority of SMEs are not technically capable or cannot realise sufficient cost benefits by implementing traditional, complex and expensive supply chain solutions. The Netfira app overcomes SME connectivity hurdles.

Netfira’s products, Netfira Buyer and Netfira Seller, are SAP certified and Netfira is an SAP partner.

Netfira offers a unique, secure, cost effective and easily downloadable app for SMEs which enables Real Time electronic connection to SAP enterprises. The Netfira app enables a Real Time connection to an SMEs existing accounting system and can typically be installed by an SME in less than 30 minutes. The Netfira connection links seamlessly with existing accounting systems and enables Real Time inventory display and electronic transactions such as orders, order confirmations, invoices and other documents between SMEs and SAP enabled enterprises. Netfira increases efficiencies and eliminates costs, time and errors associated with manual processes.

The Netfira app is currently operational with a range of the most popular SME accounting systems including Quickbooks, SAGE Accpac, MYOB, Ostendo and others. Netfira also has an SDK which enables accounting system providers to link to Netfira.

Netfira offers a real world, cost effective solution that SMEs actually use, streamlining the buying and selling process.

Installation of the secure, Netfira app by an SME delivers:

  • Real Time inventory visibility between an SME and an SAP enterprise customer
  • A cost effective electronic solution to connect SMEs to an SAP enterprise supply chain
  • An ability for SMEs to easily develop unique ordering templates from SAP buyers or SAP sellers
  • A simple, Real Time, electronic transactional capability between SMEs and SAP sellers or SAP buyers
  • A tested, real world, cost effective solution that SMEs actually use