Quote Self-Service

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What is Quote Self-Service?

For Suppliers with ERPs’ that allow interfacing with Quote functionality, Netfira has the ability to allow customers to create , change and save their own quotes directly in the Suppliers ERP.


  • Create Quote
  • Look Up a Quote (created by supplier or buyer)
  • Change a Quote (created by supplier or buyer)
  • Create an Order with Reference to a Quote (created by supplier or buyer)
  • Print a Quote

Benefits to Suppliers:

  • Reduce quote related overheads through Customer Self-Service.
  • Customers can create official quotes directly.
  • Quotes are stored in the ERP and use ERP driven logic (SBA pricing, advanced pricing, expiry, etc..)
  • Quotes are based on data maintained in the suppliers ERP (Material, Shipping, Pricing and Contact)
  • Re-quoting can be done without Supplier input.
  • Aligns to business logic.

Benefits to Buyers:

  • Receive an official Quotes instantly.
  • Accurate pricing information
  • Interfaces with Order Creation to reduce re-keying and accuracy issues.
  • Amendments can be made without supplier involvement.