Products that use Buyer Purchase Order Confirmations?
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What are Purchase Order Confirmations?
Purchase Order (PO) Confirmations allow Suppliers to provide Purchasers with confirmation that the PO placed and its details have been accepted. 
Customer Use Case:
  • Customers requiring confirmation of pricing, ETA, material and Qty information from suppliers prior to shipping.
  • Customers who require suppliers to accept an order on receipt.
Netfira Enterprise Buyer
  • Provides either a web based portal or email based solution to allow suppliers to confirm orders.
  • Buyers can automate the confirm process in their ERP of accepted orders. 
  • Buyers can electronically confirm or reject changes from their ERP automatically updating their Purchase Orders.
  • Provides a web portal for Suppliers to access, current and historical purchasing records. 

Value for Buyers

  • Reduction in administration around Purchase Order management once placed. 
  • Reduction in errors by suppliers in meeting PO terms.
  • Increased compliance by suppliers to business requirements.
Value for Suppliers:
  • Suppliers can comply with Buyer PO terms or contractual requirements. 
  • Negligible integration and training requirements.