Order Automation

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What is Order Automation?

Orders are sent between Buyers and Suppliers, instantaneously delivered and entered into the Suppliers Accounting Package or ERP System.

For many companies who have looked at eCommerce or EDI solutions to improve their order processing capability, the result is often incomplete and below expectations associated to initial investment.

The reality:

Ecommerce adoption of order placement in most Business to Business environments is between 4-10%.

EDI is expensive to deploy, difficult to configure and often only useful for certain types of orders due to business logic challenges between both the Buyer and Supplier.

Netfira for Order Automation:

Order process at the Buyer is aligned to how Businesses purchase product.

  • Orders can be placed solely through Netfira or using PO information contained directly in their Accounting Package or ERP directly onto the supplier, significantly increasing adoption.

Deployed at both Buyer and Supplier, Netfira normalises the information passed between both parties.

  • Irrespective of Accounting Package or ERP integration or orders raised via the Buyer client, The supplier is always receiving the same information state.

Buyer Rules:

  • Suppliers can set logic to allow for variances on orders placed to ensure orders meet minimum standards, further increasing order quality.

Order Receipt logic reflects that of order placement:

  • Required fields and attachments can be enforced at order placement.
  • Master data from the ERP can be extend to the buyer in a read only or read/maintain format or maintained solely in the buyer client. Improving both automation and quality.
  • Orders are raised against accurate Pricing and Availability information which is confirmed at order placement.

Change Order:

  • Netfira can be further extended to allow Buyers to amend and cancel orders based on supplier business logic, providing a rich self-service capability.