Netfira to Partner with Fistec to Develop Customized SAP Integration

Netfira, a B2B software solutions provider with operations in Australia, Europe and the United States has announced it will partner with Fistec, an international SAP consulting firm based in Germany, to integrate Netfira’s suite of products with SAP, the market and technology leader in business management software.

Netfira Chief Operating Officer Alf Goebel stated, “This is a very focused and significant step forward—NetfiraBuyer and NetfiraSeller are already compatible with standard SAP applications, but this new partnership is a one time integration with a customized Fistec solution for its SAP customers. This represents a unique strategic alliance, since Netfira offers the world’s first solution to enable real-time electronic buying and selling between businesses, and Fistec supports many medium sized businesses transitioning to SAP.”

According to Fistec CEO Karl-Friedrich Schmidt, “The partnership with Netfira will provide clients with real-time connectivity to their customers for product pricing, availability, and ordering. We can genuinely recommend Netfira to customers, as it will enable them to virtually eliminate phone, fax and email processes, manual data entry and the associated costs and errors. By adding Netfira to Fistec’s customized SAP solution, users will be able to trade electronically in real-time with their customers, giving them an exceptional competitive advantage.”

About Netfira (
Netfira is a privately owned software company with operations in Australia, Europe and the United States. Founded in Australia in 2003, the company’s products, NetfiraSeller and NetfiraBuyer, represent a breakthrough solution for streamlining the buying and selling process. This business-to-business supply chain solution facilitates secure, real-time, end-to-end online transactions between trading partners. It also provides powerful, real-time information for buyers about inventory levels in their supply chain.

The products can connect instantly and easily to customers’ existing accounting software, including MYOB, Oracle, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP. The Sleeter Group named Netfira as one of its 2010 “Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks,” recognizing it as one of the most effective and transformational technologies to enhance QuickBooks.

About Fistec (
Fistec is a consulting, outsourcing, and comprehensive SAP service and solutions provider based in Saarbrucken, Germany.  Its consulting services specialize in manufacturing and SAP hosting and outsourcing.  Fistec has developed a method to introduce SAP to medium sized companies that has proven to significantly reduce the time and costs of the implementation process.  Fistec offers optimization of existing SAP systems, migration between different SAP systems, implementation and scheduling of new releases, integration of non-SAP systems into SAP, development of standardized and customized add-on solutions, and support in the development of complex authorization concepts in SAP. Fistec also offers business process analysis and evaluation, IT systems selection and modelling analysis, and IT training and support. Fistec is a winner of the “SAP Award 2000 for Excellent Project Work.”

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