Netfira Local Search

Connecting advertisers with shoppers in real time.

Netfira Local Search is the ideal way to make business directories such a Yellow Pages come alive with real time products listings and product marketplaces

The power of the Netfira App – for advertisers
At the heart of Netfira Local Search is the Netfira Seller App. This easy to download and install PC app quickly and securely connects with an advertiser’s accounting program. Netfira supports dozens of different systems including those from QuickBooks, MYOB, Sage and many more.

Netfira Seller AppOnce installed, Netfira Local Search pushes the latest details about products, prices, images and availability up to the directory listing and automatically keeps all information online up-to-the minute accurate. Advertisers can now showcase products or even sell directly from their directory listings.

Netfira Local Search has a complete range of e-commerce and shopping cart functions. Advanced integration further helps save time and errors by automatically transferring sales into advertiser’s accounting packages.

Shoppers seeing a Netfira Local Search enabled directory listing know straight away what’s in stock, what the advertiser’s prices are and can make either purchase online or make a bee-line straight for that store. No wasted time phoning around or even visiting stores to find out what they carry.

It also only takes a few clicks to add a Netfira Local Search shop into an advertiser’s existing Facebook page.

The edge Netfira Local Search gives to iYP and business listing companies.
Because Netfira Local Search lets business directories to combine the latest information from multiple advertisers, it’s possible to easily build web directories and mobile apps of unparalleled functionality.

It’s not a major task to create mobile ready directory pages that allow shoppers to not just search for a type of store that’s nearby, but to also search for actual products. For example, to not only find shoe nearby stores in the CBD, but also find those with Nike Starlet size 7 in stock right now and to also show prices.

Netfira Local Search can find information about product prices and availability that Google is generally unable to find – and all in real time too.

Finding what Google can’t
Content is king when it comes to local searches. Netfira provides fresh, changing and relevant content in abundance. What’s more, much of the content will be unique as Google basically “stops at the door” and cannot see a business’s current products and prices. Google is strictly limited to indexing what’s on an advertiser’s website  – which may be out of date – and cannot see what’s actually happening in real time. Because of this constantly changing stream of data, the amount of fresh content provided by Netfira Local Search for SEO purposes will typically dwarf any existing information a business directory will hold on each advertiser.

Options for add-on services
Netfira Local Search is completely functional and easy to install “out of the box”. There’s also a wide range of configuration options which are ideal for further services and consulting. These range from custom integrations within existing website and options for wholesalers.

Like to know more?
You can read the press release about Netfira Local Search here.

Third party application support
Netfira Local Search also integrates to a number of third party payment and shipping processors including PayPal, eWAY, Temando Shipping and many more. Tax handling for a wide variety of regions comes standard via the extended number of accounting systems supported.