Product that provide Goods Receipt Notification:

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What is a Goods Receipt Notification?

Goods Receipt Notification or GRN is an outbound notification generated
when goods are receipted by a purchasing company (Buyer).

When are they used?

  • Buyers who have process based or contractual requirements to notify
    suppliers of successful partial or full delivery, including the contents of that receipt.
  • Buyers who rely on Just-In-Time delivery also require prompt notification to be issues to suppliers where delivery discrepancies occur
  • Buyers with high process and compliance requirements around product handling to their suppliers.

Value for Buyers:

  • Transferring your GRN process to Netfira removes almost all
    administrative overheads in managing this processes through the
    electronic automation of the notification creation and delivery as well as removal of associated data entry.

Value for Suppliers:

  • GRN executed in real-time allows suppliers to improve their down stream processes and reduce overall process times.