Products that do eInvoicing:





What is eInvoicing?

eInvoicing replaces traditional paper based invoices and statements.

Suppliers send:

  • An Invoice or Statement
    • Instantaneous received by the Buyer
    • Confirmed on delivery to the Supplier

Buyers receive:

  • Invoices that match their Purchase Orders
  • Invoices that are entered directly into their Accounting Package/Inventory System or ERP.

What else do Buyers get from Netfira.

  • Wizard based install connectivity to send invoices straight into their Accounting Package/Inventory System or ERP.
  • The ability to set payment tolerance to allow for variations between invoice and PO.
  • Statement reconciliation.
  • Ability to retrieve current or historical invoices from the supplier, on demand.
  • Highly Secure transactions – Point to Point and authenticated.
  • Minimise compliance exposure on document retention.

The Pay Off for Suppliers

  • Faster payments – Buyers can invoice their customers quicker, Suppliers reduce their DSO.
  • Reduced costs – Everyone spends less time collecting and paying.
  • Fewer rejected invoices.
  • No More Paper. Sustainable Invoicing!
  • Enhanced account reconciliation – Less confusion all round.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – Because with Netfira you are easier to do business with.