About Netfira

Netfira is a privately owned software company with operations in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe

Netfira was founded in 2006, and introduced its first product in 2008.

Netfira is a breakthrough business-to-business supply chain management solution that streamlines the buying and selling process. It facilitates REAL-TIME inventory management, electronic transactions between trading partners, order automation, and integrates with participants’ back-office systems to provide powerful, REAL-TIME information for buyers about inventory levels and pricing within their supply chain.

Electrolux in Australia is Netfira’s key customer. Electrolux has a large dealer and distributor network with over 250,000 individual lines of parts inventory. Numerous manual processes were required to integrate into their supply chain, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs. Their inventory was handled by a large call center staff since dealers had no access to REAL-TIME inventory information and 80% of their transactions were processed manually by phone, fax or email. With the Netfira solution in place, Electrolux now handles over 1.2 million transactions per year, has produced a significant reduction in data entry time due to order automation and has achieved a 26% reduction in product returns. Now, 100% of their transactions are processed automatically.

The Netfira solution handles a variety of verticals including retail, oil and gas, white goods, manufacturing, distribution and heavy equipment.