ARIBA and Netfira – Real Time electronic SME Supply Chain enablement

‘Ariba’ is a powerful global force in purchasing. Ariba and its subsidiary Quadrem is connected to more than 1 million companies and represents more than $400 billion of commerce annually.

However typically less than 10 per cent of an Ariba buyer’s suppliers are electronically connected to Ariba. The problem to date for Ariba purchasers, is that the vast majority of sellers who are not Ariba connected are SMEs. SMEs represent over 80 per cent of businesses globally, are generally not technically capable or cannot realise sufficient cost benefits to implement Ariba.

Netfira enables SMEs to connect electronically in Real Time to Ariba enabled enterprises in a simple, cost effective manner. Netfira is the ‘last mile’ in the supply chain solution. The Netfira app overcomes SME connectivity hurdles.

Netfira’s products are SAP certified and Netfira is an SAP partner.

Netfira offers a unique, secure, cost effective and easily downloadable app for SMEs which enables a seamless, Real Time electronic connection to Ariba.The Netfira app connects an SME to Ariba in Real Time and can typically be installed by an SME in less than 30 minutes. The Netfira connection links seamlessly with an SME’s existing accounting system and enables Real Time inventory display and electronic transactions such as orders, order confirmations, invoices and other documents between SMEs and Ariba enabled enterprises. Netfira automatically creates an online Webstore that is PunchOut compliant with Ariba. Netfira increases efficiencies and eliminates costs, time and errors associated with manual processes. Netfira increases efficiencies and eliminates costs, time and errors associated with manual processes.

The Netfira app is currently operational with a range of the most popular SME accounting systems including Quickbooks, SAGE Accpac, MYOB, Ostendo and others. Netfira also has an SDK which enables accounting system providers to link with Netfira.

Netfira also opens the possibility for Ariba purchasers to make much more informed supply chain decisions as, once SMEs have installed Netfira, Ariba buyers can view and transact with a much broader range of suppliers than is currently the case and SME sellers will be enabled to transact with a broader range of buyers.

Netfira offers a real world, cost effective solution that SMEs actually use, streamlining the buying and selling process.

Installation of the secure, Netfira app by an SME delivers:

  • A PunchOut compliant webstore with contract pricing for each Ariba buyer
  • Real Time visibility of the SMEs inventory by the Ariba enterprise buyer
  • A seamless connection to the SMEs accounting system and the Ariba system
  • A cost effective electronic solution to connecting SMEs to the Ariba supply chain
  • A wealth of information for Ariba buyers that is not presently electronically available
  • A tested, real world, cost effective

Documents that Netfira handles on the Ariba network



A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

Netfira handles

Once a supplier accepts the Purchase Order they have received from their customer Netfira will enter the Order into the suppliers accounting system and automatically create and send an “Order confirmation” document back to the customer via the Ariba network.

A change order(CO) is information that is added to or deleted from the original Purchase Order. When a PO arrives at the supplier Netfira displays the Order and requests the supplier to accept the Order as presented. If the supplier alters the Order, say changing the quantity they are able to supply, a “Change Order request” that contains the suppliers changes is sent back to the issuing customer. If the customer accepts the request then a “Change Order” is issued and sent back to Netfira at the supplier. Netfira uses the information in the CO to modify the original PO.

What is an Advanced Shipping Notice?

Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) is an outbound notification from a supplier (Seller) to a customer (Buyer) when goods are released from the suppliers warehouse to the shipping organisation for delivery. ASN documents are generally sent electronically.

ASN documents can also contain additional information to the customer such as detailed product information, dimensions, packaging (number of items, boxes etc..) or serial numbers.

Netfira creates ASNs as required

When are they used?

  • Buyers who require advanced notification of delivery for inbound shipments.
  • Buyers who require detailed or specific information of the goods contained in a delivery prior to receipt.
  • Buyers who do not wish to break down large deliveries for goods receipt but wish to record all products received.

Value for Buyers

  • Buyers able to receive ASN documents have immediate visibility of supplier inbound logistics.
  • Buyers are able to identify shipping errors prior to goods receipt at their delivery location.
  • Buyers can leverage ASN for Drop Ship (products not delivered to the Buyer directly) and complete a virtual Goods Receipt capturing key information.
  • Buyer can use information for e-Commerce type ac

Value for Suppliers:

  • Improved customer satisfaction through immediate visibility to shipping information
  • Compliance to Buyer requirements around delivery.
  • Improved order error or discrepancy resolution due to immediate visibility of delivery.

What is a Goods Received Notification?

Goods Received Notification or GRN is an outbound notification generated
when goods are receipted by a purchasing company (Buyer).

When are they used?

  • Buyers who have process based or contractual requirements to notify
    suppliers of successful partial or full delivery, including the contents of that receipt.
  • Buyers who rely on Just-In-Time delivery also require prompt notification to be issues to suppliers where delivery discrepancies occur
  • Buyers with high process and compliance requirements around product handling to their suppliers.

Value for Buyers:

  • Transferring your GRN process to Netfira removes almost all
    administrative overheads in managing this processes through the
    electronic automation of the notification creation and delivery as well as removal of associated data entry.

Value for Suppliers:

  • GRN executed in real-time allows suppliers to improve their down stream processes and reduce overall process times.
An invoice is  a document sent to a buyer that specifies the amount and cost of products or services that have been provided by a seller.

Netfira compares invoices to order before they are returned to the Ariba network

Remittance advice (RA) is a letter sent by a customer to a supplier, to inform the supplier that their invoice has been paid.

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