Automated PO Delivery for Buyers

Products that provide Automated PO Delivery?
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What is Automated PO Delivery?
Automated PO Delivery allows Purchase Orders created in the ERP to be automatically delivered to the supplier either as a email with attachment or as an email with a link to a web portal. 
Value of Automation for Purchasers
The process of sending a PO document to a supplier is an administrative task for purchasers that is repetitive, requires no skill and adds no value to the organization through the application of the buyer in carrying out the task. Furthermore it can be a time consuming process that ultimately could be better applied by a buyer if available. 
Automated PO Delivery removes the process entirely from the Buyer as soon as they create the PO and sends it to the correct party. 
Value for Buyers
  • Buyers remove a low value, time consuming, repetitive process from the purchasing organisation. 
  • Buyers gain time for productive work. 
  • Buyers are able to still validate if document has not been delivered.
  • Buyer can dictate delivery method (email with web link or email with attachment
  • Buyers can also apply the process for change orders. 
Value for Suppliers:
  • Suppliers can check online either periodically or off weblink for orders. 
  • Suppliers can download PO copies directly to their device. 
  • Change orders are also notified. 
  • Immediate reception of orders when created. 
Netfira Enterprise Buyer
  • Provides a tailored Automated PO Delivery process based on customer processes and issues emails directly to the supplier. 
  • Provides a web portal for Suppliers to access, current and historical purchasing records.

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