Products that provide Advanced Shipping Notice

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What is an Advanced Shipping Notice?

Advance Shipping Notice or ASN is an outbound notification from a supplier (Seller) to a customer (Buyer) when goods are released from the suppliers warehouse to the shipping organisation for delivery. ASN documents generally sent electronically.

ASN documents can also contain additional information to the customer such as detailed product information, dimensions, packaging (number of items, boxes etc..) or serial numbers.

When are they used?

  • Buyers who require advanced notification of delivery for inbound shipments.
  • Buyers who require detailed or specific information of the goods contained in a delivery prior to receipt.
  • Buyers who do not wish to break down large deliveries for goods receipt but wish to record all products received.

Value for Buyers

  • Buyers able to receive ASN documents have immediate visibility of supplier inbound logistics.
  • Buyers are able to identify shipping errors prior to goods receipt at their delivery location.
  • Buyers can leverage ASN for Drop Ship (products not delivered to the Buyer directly) and complete a virtual Goods Receipt capturing key information.
  • Buyer can use information for e-Commerce type ac

Value for Suppliers:

  • Improved customer satisfaction through immediate visibility to shipping information
  • Compliance to Buyer requirements around delivery.
  • Improved order error or discrepancy resolution due to immediate visibility of delivery.

Netfira Enterprise Buyer

  • Converts email based ASN confirmation and automatically passes them to your enterprise ERP.
  • Integrates with Netfira Seller to receive an electronic document directly into your ERP System.

Netfira Enterprise Seller

  • Allows suppliers to deliver .pdf based or where integrated by the Buyer electronic ASN notifications into the customers ERP or accounting package via Netfira Buyer.