Aberdeen Group Validates Importance of B2B Integration and Collaboration for SMEs

Aberdeen benchmarked the involvement of 62 Small to Mid-size Enterprises (SME) regarding B2B integration and collaboration initiatives with a specific emphasis on their trading partner recruitment, enablement, ongoing maintenance, and performance measurement related activities. Seventy-five percent (75%) of these respondents indicate that B2B integration and collaboration is a strategic initiative in their company. Electrolux which is a customer of Netfira, a B2B software solutions provider with operations in Australia, Europe and the United States was recognized in a recent Aberdeen Group survey and research report as an example of a company that has performed B2B integration and collaboration with their distributor customers (the majority of whom are SME).

Netfira Chief Operating Officer Alf Goebel stated, “This report confirms what we’ve been telling partners and customers since we first entered the ERP marketplace, and we are excited to be acknowledged in their case study about the seamless integration of Netfira with one of our earliest customers, Electrolux, pointing out all the savings, efficiencies, error reductions and simplifications we provided. The report’s top two recommendations are for SMEs to create collaborative networks with buyers and sellers, and Netfira does exactly that, and we’re the first to do it in real-time. Netfira’s “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model supplies secure, low cost order management software that reduces costly errors by eliminating phone, fax and email orders.” The Electrolux case study showed, in addition to lowering costs and increasing the visibility of inventory to both buyers and sellers, the Netfira solution for Electrolux resulted in improved planning and forecasting and a 20% reduction in product returns.
The Aberdeen report described this approach to connectivity between buyers and sellers as similar to social networking solutions, and pointed out that these recommended collaborative networks can be instrumental in launching an average company into Best-in-Class status, able to compete with even larger businesses. The report also shows that cloud computing SaaS solutions clearly provide a competitive advantage by reducing customer service demand and managing the complexity of today’s business. The author of the report, Nari Viswanathan, states “Thirty-seven percent (37%) of SMEs indicate having the ability to collaborate with a network of key customers versus 56% of Best-in-Class companies. Companies should segment their customer base according to revenue and identify the top customers with whom to set up a trading community network. Key process areas should be identified such as order management collaboration, inventory management collaboration, and forecast collaboration. Once id entified, these collaborative processes should be implemented”

About Netfira (www.netfira.com):
Netfira is a privately owned software company with operations in Australia, Europe and the United States. Founded in Australia in 2003, the company’s products, NetfiraSeller and NetfiraBuyer, represent a breakthrough solution for streamlining the buying and selling process. This business-to-business supply chain solution facilitates secure, real-time, end-to-end online transactions between trading partners. It also provides powerful, real-time information for buyers about inventory levels in their supply chain.

The products can connect instantly and easily to customers’ existing accounting software, including MYOB, Oracle, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP. The Sleeter Group named Netfira as one of its 2010 “Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks,” recognizing it as one of the most effective and transformational technologies to enhance QuickBooks.

About the Aberdeen Group (http://www.aberdeen.com):
Since 1988, Aberdeen’s research has been helping corporations worldwide become Best-in-Class, benchmarking the performance of more than 644,000 companies. Aberdeen is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the facts that matter, facts that enable companies to get ahead and drive results. More than 2.2 million readers in over 40 countries, 90% of the Fortune 1000, and 93% of the Technology 500 rely on Aberdeen’s research.

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